The Coach4Pro KIHU Run Application Helps You Train Efficiently – Ville Sampolahti Uses Coach4Pro as a Tool for Coaching Runners

15-06-17 16:15

Ville Sampolahti, a student of sports and health sciences in Jyväskylä, coaches a running school in Jyväskylän Kenttäurheilijat sports club. The club is the biggest track and field club in Jyväskylä, and has gained nation-wide success.

The running school Sampolahti leads is a “high-level” r...

Vapaaottelija Valamaa on valmis voittamaan

05-05-17 14:00

Juho Valamaa

Ammattilaisvapaaottelija Juho Valamaa palaa kehään huomenna lauantaina 6.5 Turussa. Vastustaja selvisi Valamaalle vasta pari viikkoa ennen ottelua, mutta se ei kovaluonteista kaveria hetkauta.

Coach4Pron yhteistyöurheilija kertoo, että iän ja kokemuksen myötä myös suhtautuminen matseihi...

Team Raikas Trains With the Help of Coach4Pro Cycling -Karo Gustafsson is Helping Cyclists on the Road to Success

Coach Karo Gustafsson

Behind the coaching service business Raikas, in Leppävirta, is a man dedicated to his business. Professional coach and teacher Karo Gustafsson has led his own road cycling training team for two years now. The team has grown to seven trainees of different ages.

– I have four younger and thr...

Self-knowledge Creates a Head Start to the Top
-Extended DISC and Coach4Pro Begin Cooperation

Photo: Heidi Koivunen / SPV

Photo: Heidi Koivunen / SPV

Extended DISC, established in 1994, is a Finnish success story, whose methods are currently being used in over 50 countries. The organization and it’s founder Jukka Sappinen have created a system, which collects and utilizes information about individuals and orga...

Emfit QS Sleep Tracker Integrated to Coach4Pro Coaching Platform

Emfit Logo

Coach4Pro has once again integrated a very significant complement to their coaching platform, which is the international Emfit QS sleep tracker. Emfit is already being used by a large number of international and Finnish top athletes. Through this integration Coach4Pro’s coaching platform is g...